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Simply YurtsHow We workWhere to go?

Simply Yurts was set up to help guide people through the process of staging their own events.

To do that we use a team whose talents are as varied as the events we produce and the people we stage them for.

From TV producers, directors and designers to logistics experts, events specialists, and some who are just good at shifting stuff around!

It's a good policy as it means they all bring something unique to the table.

They all love what they do and have an infectious enthusiasm which, hopefully, rubs off on those they meet. And as we only employ people we like, we think there's a good chance you will too.

But don't just listen to what we say... hear about what we do!

"without Simply Yurts' energy and enthusiasm I couldn't possibly have put this together. It's going to be fabulous - I just know it. Thank you, thank you, from the bottom of my heart"
Maggie, Lymington.

After years of non-existent service from companies all over Britain we refuse to accept that a service oriented business can do anything but see exceptional attention to detail and absolute customer satisfaction as the key to a positive future.

So that is where this all starts.

We don't just hire out canvas, we don't encourage you to have more than you need – we don't provide acres of cavernous space where guests are cast adrift into an aching void.

No. We talk to you. We ask you questions. We listen to your answers. And only then do we come up with a plan.

It's very personal because it should be and it works because it's precisely tuned to you and your event.

So, be it a simple dinner, a big wedding or a product launch with all the bells and whistles, flags and banners - rest assured we'll have it covered!

Whatever you want to do. Wherever you want to go. We think we have a solution for almost anything - and if we haven't, we'll find one.

Whether it's a hunting party in the woods, a yurt bedroom in the garden or a white wedding in the wilds, there is no limit to where you can have your event - as long as it's flat!

Then we'll deliver the yurts, set everything up and leave you to enjoy your event. When it's all over, we'll come back and take it all down again...