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We won't make a crisis out of a drama!

Here’s a little shot of one of last week’s offerings for a Drama Symposium in South East London.

It was used as a cinema, a bar, a lecture room and a (more…)

Stretching a point – is that a marquee for hire?

With the maximum number of people fitting into our biggest yurt sitting well below the hundred mark it has become clear that we need to take action. 

100 seems to be the magic number for most large family (more…)

How green is your yurt??

So. Some yurts are blue some are gold but mostly we want them all to be green. Yes?

Well we decided to see if the fact that we (more…)

Y-art for Y-urts sake.

The problem with Rothko paintings is they are just so fabulously expensive. 73 million dollars at last count for just one little painting – well quite a big one actually.

So we thought as a bit of an homage to the late great Mr Rothko that we would commission four works of y-art to hang in our y-urts.

And here they (more…)