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New Yurts for old

As the summer gathers pace and we take our first Christmas booking (yes!), we’re just about to see the arrival of two new tents.  

First is the long-awaited 26ft yurt with red woodwork which is just stunning.


Marquee for hire vs Yurt for hire?

How do people decide between yurt hire and marquee hire?

Last week we lost out to a square marquee – can’t imagine why !!

But this week we evened the score with a fabulous funky vestibule for a North London student festival. So it more than made up for it.


Round peg – Square hole

What fun it was to work with Kathy last week.  

She’s a conceptual artist with very particular views of what


The answer to life, the yurts and everything…

History says the answer was always 42. But last weekend it went up a notch. To 52!