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Yurt Trailer!

Trailers normally come before the event!  Well this trailer ran behind – in more ways than one. 


Salsa!! Fiesta!!!! Salsa!!

OK! So what happens when you mix 26 Liverpool Lasses with the Kent Salsa festival in our latest small stretched yurt?

Answer? – A lot of dancing, and a lot of drinking


White wedding in the wilds!!

Now, this was a fabulous spot!

An ideal location for a great wedding, beside a lovely river, near Cambridge.

So, obviously, we felt we had to step up to the mark with something equally special for a bridal tent.

And this was it… A completely sumptuous, velvet hideaway in the corner of the field. Full of cushions, and drapes and the most wonderful round bed.

Where better to retreat to after a hectic wedding day.


Well. Here it is. The fabulous stretched limo as promised a little while back.

This is the smaller of the two versions we have and it was christened by 16 lovely Liverpool Lasses who had it for a salsa festival in Sevenoaks.   (more…)