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Cripes!!! Wheel trouble!

Just when it was all going so well.

 We had a drink last week with some pals of ours who run another yurt hire company – but who will have to remain nameless!!  Having arrived to set up a full camp of 10 small yurts for a hen night they found they were minus all the crownwheels!!

‘Where are they?’ asked one slightly bewildered partner. ‘Back in the store of course…!!’  150 miles away.


We had plenty of time to ponder this story as we sat on the hard shoulder last week with wheel trouble of our own. (more…)

Hollywood comes to Oxfordshire

There is something fantastic-al(?) about proper Mongolian yurts.

So, when we were approached to provide a fantasy picnic for a certain Hollywood director’s very intimate 50th birthday party we were delighted. (more…)

A great, Big Party!

The height of the summer promised what seemed like the first spell of stable good weather this year so for Ben’s 21st Brithday party near Kidderminster we took a gamble.  Instead of a totally covered area we constructed an open courtyard surrounded by coloured pavilions guarding the entrance to our most fabulous extended long yurt.


Busy busy busy

Well five weeks and no posts… it’s been so busy we haven’t had time to think let alone write…

But what we do have is a whole gang of happy customers – we’re exhausted but they all have a smiles on their faces. (more…)

Wonderful Yurt Wedding

Well it all finally came together on top of the South Downs.

After months of planning – and a ton of emails! – 120 people successfully weathered the impending storms, snugly tucked up in a mini village of yurts and canopies set high up on one of the most dramatic parts of the South Downs.