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Techno crazy

So. What a strange mix we have here…

On one hand we have a piece of ancient, living history from Mongolia that stretches back around 2000 years – the Mongolian yurt or, more properly, the Mongolian Ger.



On the other hand however…


Yurt or Marquee?

It’s a question we are often asked. How does a yurt compare to a marquee?

Well the simple answer is, in our case, it doesn’t!


At least not according to one of our lovely clients, Veronica.  

When she booked one of our yurts she said she’d looked at all the options and found a full spec marquee was coming out around the same price as a full spec yurt, + or – 10%.  

“The thing is though” she said “with a marquee you’re paying all that for a horrible white plastic bag to sit in your garden when for around the same price you could have this fabulous yurt – there really is no comparison.  Its like a proper building – it’s solid and warm and totally cosy and on top of that its beautiful, a kind of  work of art you can live in.

Oh and it’s a lot cooler.


Having had one in the garden for a week I’ve completely fallen in love with it.  Anybody who has a marquee instead is just plain mad!”.  

Well.  Who are we to differ?

As they say…

the customer is always right!

Rain! Rain! Go away…

Oh my word!! We put a lot of effort into avoiding putting yurts up in the rain.

But this time the forecasters let us down.  

Big time!!

It was meant to be just a couple of showers.  

Which I suppose it was – except they were both very long and they were joined in the middle.  Which left us soaked and struggling for five hours.  AAAAGH!!