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The Wedding Singers

Earlier this month we did a reception for 100 people where the groom and his brothers sang a song on the circular bandstand in the middle of one of our 27ft yurts.  


Carmel, proud mother of the brothers, is a music impresario and, also, a wonderful woman.  

She said that, because of the way the acoustics work, when the guests joined in, the three boys were hit by a focussed beam of sound.  She described it as “a sort of acoustic wave, that was so powerful, they were all completely overcome with emotion”. 

“There was something about being in that circle” she said “that made people feel so connected and so totally involved.  They were caught up in it.  And when the boys sang, they all sang too – and I mean everyone, everyone sang. People who wouldn’t normally dream of it, they sang too.”

“So there it was. the singing, the connection, the whole emotional power of the occasion!!  It was very moving.  It was magnificent.  It was a triumph.!” 

Gosh… I don’t know about them bursting into tears, but after that story I nearly did too!

Zero Degrees!! and falling..

For those of you who may doubt… Just after the New Year in Watford  the temperature overnight fell to minus 4.  But there, tucked away in a corner, a hundred people celebrated the wedding of Carmel’s youngest son – Daniel.  


There was a bit of dancing, a bit of singing and, I hear, even a bit of crying.

But that wasn’t on account of the weather –  oh no!!

We have to admit there was a bit of a wobble before the event – after all it is only a tent (isn’t it?) and they were expecting at least a dozen 80 year olds… So we did put in a couple of extra heaters but…

…on the day everyone was cosy and warm and extremely happy!  

They’ve promised us pictures to prove it too! 

Ahah!!  And here they are…

Happy New Yurt!!

Happy New Year to all our customers – old,  new and those who have yet to become part of our cosy little family. 

After a great Christmas and a busy New Year we are looking at our busiest year ever with a stack of bookings for 2009.  There are lots of great new projects underway too.  All culminating in a fantastic Christmas Event near Guildford in Surrey – of which more later.  

But for now we just hope that you all have a fabulous time in 2009.