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Now you see it… Now you don't.

We promised you more on the subject of ‘the beast’ (although we would like to find a more affectionate name for it) so, here it is!!


A truly gargantuan trailer capable of swallowing a massive 2.5 tons of Yurt before breakfast. (more…)

Say a little prayer…

We’ve been digging around the history of the flags of Mongolia and Tibet.


According to our sources it seems the traditional Tibetan prayer flag was a common sight all over the mountain ranges around the Steppes (more…)

Space to Snooze!!

So you go to the party.  You get alittle bit tipsy and then the taxi comes too early – No, too late?  Aargh – Not at all…. Then  what? eeek.


Fear not – Simply Yurts can now supply (more…)

Rhubarb Rhubarb Rhubarb

What a busy time we’re having.


Not a minute to spare with events running back to back for the last – and the next – 6 weeks.

But we couldn’t resist a quick note about this one.   (more…)