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The cat is out of the bag!

So, in May we said it was Hush Hush. Just our little secret.

But not any more.


Monsoon launched their new autumn catalogue last week so finally we can reveal just exactly what we were all doing in the woods… way back in the Spring.


Or rather they can.

Recognise anything specific… maybe.

We loved these pictures so much that for 2010 we’re designing a whole new look for the interiors of the yurts. There will still be our plush velvet look but there will now be this slightly lighter more oriental style too. It’s a bit Chinese said someone the other day. Well hardly surprising, really, when you consider it’s only 200 miles from Ulaanbataar to the Chinese border.

Where’s everybody gone?

No posts for weeks. What’s happened? Has Simply Yurts shut down?

Nope!  Far from it.  We have just been so busy that there simply hasn’t been time to update the news.  And then, just like buses, there’s a whole lot coming all at once… so stand by over the next few weeks for some great news and some huge, huge strides forward for Simply Yurts, and Bright Canvas with two enormous new ventures.

Oh and the launch of a brand spanking new website.

No wonder we’re all exhausted!!