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This year’s Model

What can we say?

The forecast was bad.  Rain was promised.

And, sometimes, needs must when the rain demands.

But was there any reason for this?

That’s odd Turk.  Can’t actually see any clouds!@!  or rain for that matter.

Unveiled at last!

You know what it’s like.

You spend all year designing something, you make the prototype, you put it up again, you tweak the design, you get it made and hire it out three or four times.  But every time you go to take a photo, what happens?

It rains, it’s dark, the sun goes in, you can’t see because of things in the way.

All very frustrating.  Until eventually along comes a day when it all goes right!

Well, yesterday was just such a day.

It was the worst site we’ve had in two or three years – bumps everywhere and a two way slope, on an open field.  Nothing fitted, the angles were wrong, and the forecast was abominable. It was hopeless. So we went to the pub.  Only to be served by an incompetent barman who sprayed us with cider!

But n day two our luck changed. The sun came out, the yurts settled, the covers fitted and a gentle breeze floated up the valley. It couldnt have been easier.

So, up with the flags and… voila… The Mongolian Arcade at last.

I do hope the boys like it back in Ulaan Baatar…