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Yurts in the snow

WOW!  and we thought last christmas was bad!!

This was the scene on the very top of the South Downs today as we collected a little yurt that had been used for a birthday party last night.

“How did it go?” we asked –  peering at a three foot icicle that had completely encapsulated the knots on the ropes.

Fantastic said the birthday boy.  6 of us slpet inside and in fact with just one little electric heater it was so warm we had to open the door in the middle of the night!”

So here are the figures – 25 people, 17th birthday, 16ft yurt and minus 5 degrees.

Oh and 1 dog of course!
Perfect for parties n the middle of winter!

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One Response to “Yurts in the snow”

    yurt holidays says:

    Incredible – icicles, -5C and only one small electric heater? What kind of insulation are you using for these yurts?

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