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Winter Draws On!!

No. Surely not yet we hear you cry.  Well, sadly, temperatures down to 4 degrees last night in the South of England can mean only one thing…. summer is definitely losing its grip (did it ever have it in the first place you may ask!) and spells of cold weather may be on their way.

Yurt in the snow

But if you’re planning on having a party this Autumn it’s great news for you.  We are the only yurt company (more…)

Now that’s what I call dinner!

Doughnuts anyone?

At long last after months of storage and a long list of empty promises we finally found a reason to use our extended version of the doughnut table we have been using so successfully for years.

Now expanding to seat 65 and with room on the small inner table for another eight.

And the lovely Jemima catered for the event.

We’re just waiting for pictures of the dinner.

Ooh can’t wait…