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The amazing un-flammable fire

Sometimes, if people ask us nicely, we help out of an evening lighting fires, supervising the floating of lanterns or just generally ensuring that everything goes to plan.  And this weekend was no exception. Well, except for one thing…


On this occasion we didn’t provide the firewood.

“Oh dont worry” said the ever so helpful client – Andy.  “We have tons of nice dry firewood in the barn.”

Dry it may have been, firewood it certainly wasn’t.  After nearly an hour of gentle coaxing, followed by almost two gallons of finest vintage paraffin, which produced a lot more light than it did heat (plus of course these nice pictures) we gave up.  The unburnable firewood just refused to do what its name suggested!


Until we turned our backs to leave that is!!

At which point it burst into flame and apparently burnt for hours – bizarre.

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