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Christmas Dinner

£27.50-£39 per head for groups of 7 or more.

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Welcome to the Simply Yurts Christmas Dinner venue. The perfect place for a stylish, group celebration or corporate get-together - with family, friends or colleagues.

For just 10 days, from Monday 11th Dec to Thursday 21st Dec 2107, The Palace of Yurts, will rise up just a mile from the centre of Guidlford in Surrey.

It's a fabulous complex of Mongolian Yurts heated by wood burners and intricately decorated with traditional designs. Divided into cosy spaces, it is brimming with atmosphere and warmth, big enough to cater for groups of 70 - but small enough for groups of 7.

The yurts themselves are from the Simply Yurts stable of large, felt-lined, circular tents and have a direct link back to the land of Genghis Khan. They're ideal for a Chrismas restuarant because, if they can withstand the icy wastes of the Russian Steppes in winter, they can certainly manage a couple of weeks in Surrey!

It all adds up to a unique experience, where festive diners can experience the best of seasonal fayre, in a convenient location, to the sounds of an ethnic blend of music from across the East.


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Just in case you're worried, whilst the décor and the location may be inspired by the drama of the Russian Steppes, the food is not.

No goat.
No sour milk
and No trotters.

Our Christmas dinners are firmly rooted in the West and inspired by the Wood Fired Food we serve thoghout the rest of the year at our permanent encampent, The Dome Garden in Gloucestershire.


With this menu we are reinvigorating the taste of Christmas with a subtle and carefully crafted blend of tasty flavours. The food sits perfectly with the festive season, the tented environment and the atmosphere of the yurts.



Blackberry infused salmon Gravlax with Russian Blinis and crème fresh.

Christmas Spiced red pears steeped in a Madeira reduction with Roquefort and toasted walnuts.


A feast of spiced turkey fillet, marinated pork ternderloin or smoked tofu seared on hot lava stones, served with rough roast potatoes, speciality christmas stuffing, and smoked & pickled vegetables.


Trio of Christmas bauble Ice creams - Christmas pudding ice cream, orange & grand marnier ice cream and velvety vanilla limoncello.

‘Baked Mongolia’ parcels of spicy mincemeat and clotted cream ice cream wrapped in filo pastry and deep fried.




It is as you’d expect – Simple!

Apparently, everyone dreams of owning a restaurant. The problem is six months down the line they wake up and go - “Oh No! I own a restaurant!!

So, we thought we'd open one but close it again before that happened.

A restaurant where the enthusiasm and creativity that runs though everything we do at The Dome Garen, and which makes a Simply Yurts event so memorable, could be wrapped up in one place for a short, spectacular period of time.

And here's the bonus. We spend the whole year creating very exclusive spaces for private and corporate events. So The Palace of Yurts is an opportunity for a much wider group of people to experience what we do - at a fraction of the price of hosting it themselves.

The cooking is sublime, the yurts are stunning and the location is perfect.

It took us a while to find, but here it is. And it’s only open for ten days so if you want to join us – you'll have to be quick!!

Book a place for Christmas dinner at the Palace of Yurt