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Glamping in a luxury Yurt Village with Simply Yurts?

proper luxury camping ...at last!

Glamping's meteoric rise last year had everyone asking us if we were going to open a luxury camping site or a yurt holiday village of our own.  A really nice one though - with all the care and attention to detail that we lavish on all our events.

The problem was it seemed like everyone was opening glamping sites. They were slinging up yurts and safari tents, chucking in some beds, sticking a composting loo in a shed and calling it glamping. So we resisted for a while. But last year we gave in and found a site near Gloucester, just inside The Forest Of Dean.

“The Best Luxury Camping and Glamping Yurt Holiday village On The Planet” we were going to call it.  "For holidays and weekend stays and living with nature". Fantastic, sumptuous yurts, real luxury camping with en suite loos and comfortable beds with a fantastic forest, right outside the end of the garden gate.

The result is 12 Insulated tents with wood burning stoves and ensuite loos. Great beds and big fluffy duvets filled with featherdown. Farm fresh, free-range food, with chickens and eggs (or should that be the other way round?) and finally a glorious wood burning pizza oven.

But we left out one thing...  the yurts!! And we replaced them with beautiful, soaring, geodesic domes.

Glamping at The Dome Garden.co.uk

We think the domes are fantastic and a refreshing change from the Yurts we love so much!

But come and see for yourself.  We’re open for short breaks throughout most of the year from just before Easter - and don't worry, thanks to lovely fires and big duvets, whatever the weather you'll be warm and snug and cosy - even when it's cold at night!