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PricesNot the cheapest...

The detail!

Hire prices are for a standard 2-4 day period. Longer periods are charged pro rata. So - for two weeks think double!

You can either hire yurts on their own - pure and simple - or have us do all the decorations.

  Round Yurts Long Yurts
Size (ft)
12ft 16ft 19ft 21ft 27ft 39ft
Hire -
yurt only
£350 £650 £900 £1,150 £2,150 £1,950 £2,650
Standard Decorations £150 £275 £325 £425 £675 £650 £825
Area (sq ft)
665 19200 26280 33360 50540 55590 76820

All our prices include set-up & de-rig by our staff after the event. Standard decorations include carpets, tables, floor cushions, candle lanterns & lights. The only thing you have to add is delivery.

There is also a host of other things you can choose; like our lovely canopies - the Square Gers - or maybe some banners, or braziers, or bandstands...

Prices for the most popular accessories are here but maybe, now, you might think it's time for us to have a little chat!!

Prices are in GBP - pounds sterling.

Pure Mongolian Yurts give you a lot for your money - three layers of insulated covers supported by an intricate structure of beautifully decorated woodwork. It's why they have such a substantial feel and why they are so cool and comfortable. It's also why they take four people a whole day to put up!

Add to that our attention to detail, our quality of service and our single minded dedication to your enjoyment - and you have a, sensibly priced, top class product that one of our customers described as "The Bentley of the Yurt business".

So, if you're comparing prices it's tricky. We dont think anyone else does what we do, so you can't compare like for like. Mostly, you only get one shot at these events, so if you're unsure, go back and read the testoimonials or the case studies - just to be on the safe side.