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Our Yurts

We spent a long time looking for yurts that we could use for fine events in beautiful settings. In Mongolia we found them and now believe honestly we have the best yurts on the planet.

After three more years working closely with the craftsmen that make them we now have a unique collection of exquisite yurts not matched in this country or anywhere in the world.

With a variety of forms, and 6 different sizes, we can now bring the delights of the yurt to almost any event be it a small cosy dinner or a grand Mongolian extravaganza.

Simply Yurts...

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Yurts in Mongolia

The heritage of the Mongolian Yurt, or Ger, may well stretch back to the time of the great warrior Genghis Khan, but it still has a huge part to play in the life and of modern Mongolians and in the landscape of the Russian Steppe.

Spreading across mountain ranges and into the cities they are built to withstand some of the harshest extremes on the planet and are still the principal form of dwelling for the people of Mongolia.  So who better to build yurts for us than the craftsmen and women who still live in them.

Looking like a scene from a lunar meteor shower this Google photo shows the area where many of them live, in family based compounds around the edge of the city. The dimples are of course the yurts…

Yurt History

The words Yurt and Ger are Russian and Mongolian terms for the wooden framed tents used in Mongolia for thousands of years.  The words actually translate as ‘home’ or ‘shelter’ and whilst most yurts are round it is a term applied to any shape of tented shelter.

For this new season and again next year into 2010 we are building on our range of Mongolian inspired Yurts and gers for hire in the UK. Most are round, for sure, but some are elongated and some are even square.

As we speak, the Mongolian craftsmen and women who make our yurts are scratching their heads over our new decorated 14m walkway which will provide ceremonial and celebration space for all manner of exciting events alongside our traditional yurts.